Latest news and updates from MuscleTone Gym & Fitness and our Sunderland studio.

19th April 2024

April Update

Our community gym that offers a friendly fitness environment suited to the shy gym newbie, the fitness pro, the teenager, those with disabilities, children and any individual feeling lonely or isolated. We want to bring feelings of motivation and wellbeing to everyone in our community. We achieve that by our day to day gym sessions and activities but also by planning and providing targeted community projects to those who need support the most. Get in touch with our gym to see what we can do for you.

14th March 2024

February Update

Our ‘Caring for Care’ project started last month and we couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve been delivering to children living in care in our and surrounding areas. We’re extremely happy to see the relationships we’ve begun to build with our beneficiaries and grateful for the support we can provide thanks to this funding from CDCF.

25th January 2024

January Update

January is always very busy in our gym, full of go-getters who are working towards their new year’s resolutions and community who continues to work towards achievement of their targets and better health. Alongside our regular gym activity we are also committed to delivery of our funded projects supporting those who need it most. Currently we offer sessions for men in our community thanks to funding from Coalfields, you can pop in for some especially tailored fitness sessions and also take advantage from our mental health and wellbeing workshops. We are also excited to share our brand new project funded by the CDCF, we will begin working with children and young people living in care, with sessions starting in February. 

1st December 2023

 December Update

With the end of 2023 approaching we wanted to wish all of our customers and staff a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All community sessions end 15th of December and will resume in the first week of January. The gym will be open on a regular schedule all throughout Christmas and New Year with the exception of Christmas Day and New Year to give our staff a chance to catch up on family time and rest. If you want to kickstart your New Year’s resolutions early or need a little fitness break from the festivities you know where to find us!


23rd October 2023

October Update

We are excited to invite all men in our local community to participate in our Coalfields funded project. The sessions have begun a little while ago but we’re delighted to share that due to the high interest we have now expanded our delivery. Thank you for your ongoing support and see you in the gym!

22nd August 2023

August Update

We have had a great start to our Coalfields funded sessions which have given more men the opportunity to exercise and improve their mental health. Our sessions started in July and we still have availability to join our community project! If there is anyone interested in joining our sessions and seeking the numerous benefits of exercise, contact us for more information!


10th July 2023

July Update

July marked the end of ‘Gym Heroes’ delivery at our community gym. We are very grateful to Sport England for giving us the opportunity to support the young people in our area giving them a chance to improve their health and outlook for a future. It’s been a blast!


13th March 2023

March Update

Join our gym community! Our mission is not only to support your fitness goals but also to help you feel like your best self, supporting your mental health and general wellbeing. We’re here for you!

Our gym is all inclusive, always tidy and full of equipment to support your fitness journey whatever your goals are.

17th January 2023

January Update

Happy New Year! Whether you’re entering 2023 with new or old fitness goals we are here for you! Welcoming everyone to help us improve health and wellbeing for all in our community.

Our gym is packed with all the necessary equipment and space to help you tackle all kinds of workouts and our staff are always happy to provide guidance and motivation.

Our currently running funded projects will resume their deliver from February.

What’s on:

Reaching Communities ‘The Ultimate Men’s Zone’ project with FREE sessions for all men in our area.

Sports England ‘Gym Heroes’ project for young people aged 11-16 with FREE sessions at our gym every Friday and Saturday.

Starting in January ‘Youth Fit’ thanks to the CDCF Police Fund with sessions for children in Wolsingham.

13th December 2022

December Update

All our project activity has stopped until the New Year, however our gym will be still open for our community all throughout the festivities. Our Christmas and New Year opening times are:

Saturday 24.12.22 7am-2pm

Sunday 25.12.22 CLOSED

Monday 26.12.22 7am-2pm

Saturday 31.12.22 7am-2pm

Sunday 01.01.23 CLOSED

Monday 02.01.23 7am-2pm

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Muscletone Gym!

22nd November 2022

November Update

Join our community! Our gym is not just about the results but also about the lovely people who build the atmosphere of Muscletone and will make you feel welcome and motivated. We’re open to everyone, all ages, and abilities welcome! With the community interest being at the core of our business we want to make the fitness accessible to all, get in touch for updates of our funded project, which you can join for free and a variety of our accessible memberships.

18th October 2022

October Update

Our Reaching Communities funded project is going strong, and the sessions are filling up but there’s still space to join. Amazing workouts, great discussions about healthy eating and some quality time with mates. Join us in the gym every Monday and Thursday at 6.15pm.

7th September 2022

September Update

Thanks to County Durham Community Foundation for supporting us with funding from the Community Safety Fund. This will enable us to start a new project of activity for children and teenagers called ‘Youth Fit’. The project will increase children’s fitness and sports ability while also targeting loneliness and tackling youth disorder via creating positive relationship and role models. We are looking to begin the project after the October half term this year in Wolsingham area.

9th August 2022

August Update

A new project starting soon! ‘Gym Heroes’ funded by Sport England starts now and will run until July 2023. The project is aimed at young people aged 11-16 and will be a vehicle to increase fitness and agility, reduce anxiety and give the young members of our community a chance to socialise and keep fit in a fun, friendly and accessible environment. Sessions will be led by Mick in our gym.

25th July 2022

July Update

‘Ultimate Men’s Zone’ is due for a new workbook to start from August. We are ready to start the ‘Health and Nutrition’ subject to continue to extend our groups’ knowledge and confidence in creating healthy habits for both their body and mind. We are excited to get started.

2nd June 2022

June Update

Once again, we would like to invite all men to our ‘Ultimate Men’s Zone’ project, we feel that we can make such a difference in both your mental and physical health by guiding you through appropriate exercises for body and mind equally.

Always trying to make change for the community!

14th April 2022

April Update

We are delighted to welcome a new staff member to our Muscletone family, we are pleased to introduce our new employee Emily Robinson!

She has taken on the position of a Community Wellness Tutor and is going to help us manage and deliver the sessions under our ongoing projects “The Enable” and “The Ultimate Men’s Zone”.

We are very happy to have her in our Muscletone Team! Welcome Emily!

7th March 2022

March Update

We have just come to the end of our Youth Gym Project which was a massive success. We are so pleased we could work with so many great young people and create a change for our community. We want to thank The National Lottery Fund again for giving us a chance to make a difference!

5th February 2022

February Update

We are delighted to share another project that started in February! The Ultimate Men’s Zone project is aimed at improving the wellbeing to the male part of our community. The programme is working in partnership with Wellbeing 4 Men to deliver community wellness sessions across Sunderland and County Durham. We offer a versatile range of fitness and workout sessions to suit everyone, boxing, circuits, boot camp, weight training and plyometric training. We love to see our input in the improving the community’s mental and physical health.

4th January 2022

January Update

We are proud to announce that we have been given the NHS Connector Mental Health & Learning Disability grant to support individuals who have a disability. This is project is called “The Enable”. “The Enable” will help to support individuals with autism age 17 – 26 through an 18-week development programme. It’s a great opportunity for our gym to help and support our community even more, assisting the members that might need it the most!

6th December 2021

December Update

All our projects are running throughout December, remember we only close on Christmas Day and New Year’s day so you all have no excuses.  Our Youth gym is running as normal but will be off on the 25th, open on the 26th until 2 pm and open on the 31st until 3 pm.

30th October 2021

Working with Wellbeing4men

Thanks to the Reaching Communities Fund from the National Lottery we have been successful to work on a collaboration with Wellbeing 4 Men CIC to deliver ‘The Ultimate Man’s Zone project’ in Sunderland and County Durham.  This project will be starting in January 2022.

11th September 2021

September Update

Our Youth Gym members are growing each week, there are still spaces and it’s open to both boys and girls… This where the cool kids come to get fit and best of all it’s FREE!


14th August 2021

Mental Health Project Completed

We have now concluded our mental health project funded by Coalfields and we are happy to announce that we surpassed our original target and supported even more men and women than we thought possible.  We are grateful to the Coalfields regeneration trust for the support, without their support this project would not have been able to help so many people.

2nd August 2021

June Update

Our FREE funded lottery project is going from strength to strength,  if you are aged between 11 and 16 come join us on a  Saturday afternoon.  If you are aged 17  – 24 then come join us on a Friday evening.

10th May 2021

Sessions Supporting Mental Health

We have a wonderful programme of fitness and mental health support for adults which is funded by Coalfields Regeneration Trust. If you or know anyone who feels lonely and isolated or worrying about restrictions easing again then this programme can support you. The programme is digital but we have the best instructors and mentors ready to support you. Contact Mick on 07967002041 for more information. Don’t feel alone at this time we are here to help and support you!

21st April 2021

Youth Gym Project

We are thrilled to announce our Youth Gym project which is funded by The National Lottery Fund is ready to commence.  Sessions are FREE to young people and will take place on Friday evening’s and Saturday afternoons.

30th March 2021

Still going strong!

Our project funded by Coalfields Regeneration Trust is going well and we are really pleased with the participation.  If you feel isolated, lonely, depressed  or just in need of some support please contact us.  We have a wonderful programme of fitness and mental health support for adults.  The programme is digital but we have the best instructors and mentors ready to support you.  Contact Mick on 07967002041 for more information.  You do not have to feel alone at this time!

4th February 2021

From strength to strength

Our project funded by Coalfields Regeneration Trust is going from strength to strength.  If you feel isolated, lonely, depressed  or just in need of some support please contact us.  We have a wonderful programme of fitness and mental health support for adults.  The programme is digital but we have the best instructors and mentors ready to support you.  Contact Mick on 07967002041 for more information.  You do not have to feel alone at this time!

11th September 2019

New Free Classes

Thanks to the PCC fund, Muscletone gym can offer a youth gym on the following days:

Friday’s 6pm – 7pm and Saturday’s 11am – 12pm

These sessions are free to young people aged 14 – 19

15th June 2019

Our New Website Is Live

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new website today.  Optimised for mobile use our website provides the information you need to get the most from our gym including details on personal trainers, opening hours and promotions.